The passion of sports and the power of technology & data in Australia and NZ

The Australia SportsTech Cup returns on August 17-18, 2019, as a part of the Australia Sports Technology Week in Melbourne. This time we have partnered with Opta to bring you a 2-day hackathon focused on performance data from the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. This is your chance to work with real game data, and produce real-world solutions to answer the specific challenge question. It is a fun, innovative competition for top professionals, academics, and university students to collaborate and showcase creativity, and passion for innovation in sports analytics & data. 

A maximum of 100 spots. It’s a Free event!

20 Teams

2 Days

3 Questions


How it works

Teams (up to 5 members), will be provided with select Opta performance data from the recent ICC Cricket World Cup, as well as a choice of challenge questions. Teams will be able to supplement these data sets with any freely available public data and information that assists them in answering the challenge questions. Mentoring will also be provided by industry experts, with a data science background. Participants usually have a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), big data analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT), sports science, sports management, sports marketing and, or have an interest in these spaces.

The top teams will get the chance to present their answers and solutions to our judges, with the winning team receiving a prize package thanks to our event partners. 



Australia Sports Technology - Case Study and Challenges

Participants in the Australia SportsTech Cup will be tasked with finding key solutions to the questions posed using the ICC Cricket World Cup data provided by Opta as a part of the hackathon. The specific challenge question and data will be released at the beginning of the even. Judging criteria will be based around on three key areas:

1. Technical

Does your solution work?   Is the approach correct?

2. Commercialization

Is the solution actually solving a business / performance need?

3. Communication

Would a non-technical person (e.g. a coach, or a fan) be able to understand your solution? 


To make sure you get the most out of the SportsTech Cup, a pre-hackathon briefing pack will be made available to competitors in the lead up to the event.  This will include the focus of the data sets and challenges, the Competition Judging Panel, and the logistics for on-the-day. 

Provisional Schedule

The 2-day sports technology hackathon format


Registration Opens (9-930am)

Briefing Session & Teams Created (930-11am)

Hackathon begins (11am)

Lunch (1230pm)

Networking Drinks (430pm)

End of Day 1 (5pm)



Hackathon Resumes (930am)

Judging Round 1: Science Fair Style (1030am)

Announcement: Top 5 Teams (1130am)

Lunch (12pm)

Finalists Presentations (1245-2pm)

Awards Ceremony (230pm)